“I understand that Joe Biden is old and I agree that his age is a relevant and legitimate concern. But also, I have read approximately 87,236 stories in the New York Times alone on this subject. But Donald Trump’s own vice president refuses to endorse his candidacy because he believes Trump is a traitor to the Constitution and a danger to America. How many times has the NYT mentioned this ENORMOUSLY SIGNIFICANT FACT? So far: Twice.” Mike Pence Should Be the Biggest Story of the 2024 Campaign. I’m not sure about the biggest, but it certainly seems like a hell of a big deal when someone’s own VP, one that could not have been more obsequiously devoted during his tenure, says he cannot endorse his former boss. And the veep’s decision is not just a response to the fact that Trump remains a fan of the mob that called for Pence’s death on Jan 6. Over the weekend, I started scrolling the NYT to find some coverage of the non-endorsement story. I’m still scrolling. Somehow, the media is downplaying a story that should stand out like a fly in milk (or on some very white hair).

+ Those who saw Trump up close in the White House are among those who seem most opposed to his return. Here are a couple pieces from the archives: NYT: What 17 of Trump’s ‘Best People’ Said About Him. And from WaPo: 17 of the ‘best people’ Trump hired — and then attacked.