“I’ve really sometimes wondered if my timidity or refusal to step up and say this was wrong, whether this was a moral failure on my part…It was a worry that made me feel that I was failing in a duty that I had as an American. That sense of duty has propelled him to commit his life to redressing one of the most deadly legacies of the war: the millions of unexploded bombs and land mines that continue to kill and injure people every year.” NYT (Gift Article): An American Who Has Helped Clear 815,000 Bombs From Vietnam.

+ “The unlikely pair are now headlining joint public appearances to make the case for disagreeing more agreeably at a time when the country is more polarized than ever and public opinion of the Supreme Court is at historic lows, with approval divided sharply along partisan lines.” The Supreme Court seems bitterly divided. Two justices say otherwise.

+ Mountaineer Anna Wells has become the first woman to have reached the top of all of Scotland’s 282 Munros in one winter season.

+ “They targeted Alcaraz first, and he scurried to the umpire; Zverev flattened himself against the back wall of the court. Both players fled—Alcaraz’s agent confirmed that Carlitos was stung on the forehead—and play was halted while the intruders were addressed.” An Interview With The Bee Hero Who Humanely Vacuumed Thousands Of Bees Out Of A Tennis Stadium.

+ The ‘drinking bird’ makes a comeback and could power your gadgets with clean energy.

+ Whatever Happened to Fun? An interview with Carol Burnett.

+ Australian farm grows world’s biggest blueberry. (Seems like a good time for a reminder that not all blue berries are blueberries.)