Daniel Pink has an excellent new column at WaPo (Gift Article), where he looks at possible solutions to big problems. His first installment: Why not pay teachers $100,000 a year?

+ “After a nail-biting descent and a tense silence from the lunar surface, the United States is back on the moon.” Intuitive Machines lands on moon in nail-biting descent of private Odysseus lander, a 1st for US since 1972. (With big plans to come…)

+ “‘Keep an eye on the bottom of your screen, watch this guy slide right in,’ he says, as a hoodie-wearing college kid with a rag in hand glides across the floor with an effortless baseball-style slide over to a wet spot.” The hardest working person in Bay Area hoops only spends seconds on the court.

+ How vending machines help states battle the opioid crisis.

+ “At Freedom Home, Mr. Favor also runs Broken Souls Rescue and Recovery, to facilitate adoptions, and he also created a program to connect recovering addicts with the dogs. This venture he called Pitbulls and Addicts, for ‘two misunderstood breeds’ that need care and acceptance.” NYT (Gift Article): A Rescue Dog Saved Him From Addiction.

+ They kissed on a school bus. Now, 77 years later, they’re reconnected.

+ A fun way to look back (and use) Mac system releases from back in the day.