Border Patrol: “The biggest spectacle in Washington this week was the unraveling of an immigration deal in Congress, a border security bill that Republicans pushed for, only to turn against it because former President Donald Trump didn’t want any legislation that might help President Biden stay in the White House this fall. But more complicated and consequential is what’s been happening on immigration far from Washington.” Vox: 7 questions about migration and the US-Mexico border, answered.

+ This Comes from the Top: The biggest real news to come out of the Biden memory press conference was when he called Israel’s response in Gaza, “Over the top.” That criticism is unlike to move Bibi. “Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has directed the military to plan for the ‘evacuation of the population’ from Rafah alongside the defeat of Hamas in that southern Gaza city.” Here’s the latest from CNN.

+ Tough Love: “The truth is that Trump, for all of his tough-guy posturing, spent most of his career failing to push people around and bend them to his will.
That is, until he started dealing with Republican politicians.” McCay Coppins in The Atlantic (🎁): Why Republican Politicians Do Whatever Trump Says. (It’s the question of our era.)

+ Cost of Climate: “That enormous sum is the estimated cost of the damage from the atmospheric river that’s been pummeling California since Sunday—after a previous atmospheric river deluged the state last week.” When Rain Costs $11 Billion.

+ T Rex: Sam Altman wants to raise up to $7 trillion for his new AI chip project. Yes, that’s a T for trillion. (I asked ChatGPT how to respond. It suggested I start with, “Wow, $7 trillion is quite ambitious!”)

+ The One Percent: “By arresting more than 1% of his country’s population, President Nayib Bukele, who won reelection to a second five-year term Sunday, is trying to break the chain of violence that has ravaged El Salvador for decades. But many worry that debilitating poverty, long-term trauma and government failures to protect their children could instead fuel a future wave of gang warfare.”

+ Omar Listenin’: Hawaii Supreme Court quotes “The Wire” in ruling on gun rights: “The thing about the old days, they the old days.”