“He got decent grades and excelled at tennis and cricket. Occasionally, he brought friends home, and they appeared to be nice kids. But Zac was becoming more fixated on wealth. He’d been interested in cars since childhood, and now expressed embarrassment at his family’s humble Mazda. Like many adolescent boys, he developed a fascination with gangsters, watching documentaries about figures from the London underworld, among them the homicidal twins Reginald and Ronald Kray. He loved movies about guys on the make, such as ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’ and ‘War Dogs,’ which tells the true story of two young men in Florida who became international arms dealers.” Then his life became the stuff of movie scripts, but with a sadder ending. The excellent Patrick Radden Keefe in The New Yorker: A Teen’s Fatal Plunge Into the London Underworld. “After Zac Brettler mysteriously plummeted into the Thames, his grieving parents discovered that he’d been posing as an oligarch’s son. Would the police help them solve the puzzle of his death?”