The Coach

Steve Kerr has led the Warriors to four championships. So he knows how to coach. But he’s never had a challenge quite like helping his team mourn the loss of an assistant coach who died in front of many of them at a team dinner. “He’s been hit as hard as anyone with this … And he’s had to take on the burden for all. He’s helped with the family, and with our team, with our staff, with our entire family along with Deki’s immediate family. There’s no one better in moments like this. … He’s an elite leader with a compassionate heart. His approach is meaningful and honest, and I don’t know if you get that from all leaders. But there is a heavy weight on him. I have thought more than once about how he’s going to get through this while he’s picking everybody else up.” Marcus Thompson II in The Athletic: As Warriors mourn a terrible loss, Steve Kerr’s leadership lights a hard road ahead. (Here’s an archived version if you’re not a subscriber to The Athletic. It takes a little while to load.)

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