“Steer clear! A bull was spotted running along the tracks at New Jersey’s Newark Penn Station train station Thursday morning, delaying trains for commuters heading into New York City.” (Bull getting in the way of people moving forward. A metaphor for America.)

+ WaPo (Gift Article) on the latest from a flavor company founded by a couple of former NOMA staff members. “What native American botanicals would get thrown into their fermentation tanks? Would we see a pawpaw spirit? A fiddlehead fern distillate, accented with jewelweed flowers? Batched cocktails make you a better holiday host — and giver. I did not expect the first new release would be made from ingredients more typically foraged from 7-Eleven: Nacho Cheese Doritos.” Doritos nacho cheese liquor sounds like a stunt, but it’s actually good. (Doritos anything is probably good.)