Feel Good Friday

If you missed it earlier in the week, check out this excellent story about a group of Palestinian and Israeli teammates that are trying to stick together during the toughest of times. Bridge Over Troubled Water.

+ Crispr gene editing shown to permanently lower high cholesterol. (Science is slowly catching up to my poor personal habits!)

+ Today, Miles Scott is a healthy teenager with a passion for baseball … Ten years ago, the then-5-year-old Miles won hearts both in his hometown and around the world when he transformed into the black-clad superhero Batkid for a day, becoming an instant media sensation.”

+ A nice Ted Talk on nature and beauty that will brighten your weekend.

+ These electric ferries may set a new standard around clean public transportation.

+ “Cheez-Its were originally meant to conjure the toasty, cheesy flavors of Welsh Rarebit, a broiled cheese-sauce toast that was popular at the time, though now it’s probably safe to say the proxy has surpassed the popularity of the original.” Cheez-Its: Making that cheddar. (I mean sure, if you’re pretty high and you’ve run out of Goldfish…)

+ Speaking of getting high, here’s the most unlikely headline of the decade: Snoop Dogg Says He’s Giving Up Smoke. “Snoop was asked to try putting a number to the total amount of joints and blunts he’s enjoyed. According to Snoop’s estimate, he had likely smoked more than 650,000 joints and 420,000 blunts at that point in his life.” (When I asked my most intellectual friend Mike, “What’s the difference between a blunt and a joint?” He answered, “230,000.”)

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