Sin, War: “Five years ago, the leader of Hamas in Gaza, Yahya Sinwar, scrawled a note on a document that he knew Egyptian intermediaries would hand to Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu. Take a ‘calculated risk’ on a ceasefire, Sinwar wrote in Hebrew.” Bibi took that risk and many others. Now, Yahya Sinwar is being hunted by the IDF. Bloomberg (Gift Article): Hamas Mastermind Who Tricked Israel Is Top Target in Gaza Tunnels. Here’s the latest from BBC, Times of Israel, and NBC.

Pelosi Attacker Guilty: “The jury deliberated for about eight hours before finding David DePape guilty of attempted kidnapping of a federal official and assault on the immediate family member of a federal official. DePape, who faces up to 50 years in prison, did not react as the verdict was read.” Man who attacked Pelosi’s husband convicted of federal assault and attempted kidnapping charges.

+ Not Elon Wolf: Another day, another post, another descent into full-blown antisemitism. Elon Musk agrees with antisemitic X post that claims Jews ‘push hatred’ against White people. Yair Rosenberg in The Atlantic: Elon Musk’s Disturbing ‘Truth‘. “Just because Musk’s affirmation of white-nationalist ideology was the unsurprising outcome of his online radicalization spiral doesn’t make it any less devastating—or dangerous.” I’ve been warning about Musk for years. Here’s a more dire warning. None of his enablers care about this stuff at all. Dan Primack in Axios: “Elon Musk yesterday wrote ‘You have said the actual truth,’ in response to an X post that claimed Jewish communities support ‘dialectical hatred against whites.’ The original poster also implied agreement with the statement, ‘Hitler was right.’ … No investment firms that backed Musk’s takeover of X, nor those that have backed his other ventures, made public statements of opposition or condemnation. Instead, they cowered.”

+ Fire and Ice: “While the idea of magma rising was no doubt scary for tourists visiting the nearby Blue Lagoon geothermal spa, which was closed as a precaution, Iceland’s residents have learned over centuries to live with their island’s overactive geology. So, why is Iceland so volcanically active?”

+ Santos Clause: “New York Republican Rep. George Santos, who represents parts of Long Island and Queens, announced today he’s dropping his bid for a second term after a House ethics report blasted him for criminal activity and lying to voters.” (Wait, crimes and lying are now frowned upon in the modern GOP?) Ethics report finds Santos used campaign funds to pay for OnlyFans, Botox, Sephora.

+ Fake News: “Federal prosecutors arrested two men on Wednesday and seized more than 200,000 counterfeit handbags, clothes and other luxury items worth $1.03bn, making it ‘the largest-ever seizure of counterfeit goods in US history.'”

+ Dog Tale: A Hiker and a Terrier Climbed a Peak. The Dog Came Home 72 Days Later. “On October 30, a hunter on horseback discovered Moore’s body. Standing nearby was a small white dog—it was Finney, and she was alive. When news trickled through the community that Finney had survived 72 days in the backcountry, she became an overnight superstar.”

+ Mike Drop: “Mike Tomlin bears responsibility for fielding a team that cannot move the ball or stop its opponent from doing so on a regular basis. He also bears responsibility for winning anyway, which is what Tomlin does every year. The other stat that’s key to his legend is that he has coached zero losing seasons.” The Steelers have one of the league’s worst offenses. And one of its worst defenses. They’re 6–3.