“As the Israel-Gaza war crosses the one-month mark, college campuses across the United States are facing an ideological reckoning and have become ground zero for protests, counter protests and debates over hate speech and freedom of expression. But mainstream social media platforms, as well as those geared toward college students, are increasingly becoming vehicles to spread threats, stir up fear and sow division at American universities, including by agitators who may not even be part of the school community. Anonymous emails are similarly being weaponized.” Fake Profiles And Anonymous Posts: How Social Media Is Upending College Life During The Israel-Gaza War.

+ More than 180,000 march across France against soaring antisemitism. (Let’s give them all scholarships to American universities…)

+ “Each was like a piece from a grisly puzzle, a snippet of fine detail from a terrorist operation that called for hundreds of discrete crimes in specific locations. Four weeks later, the reassembled fragments are beginning to reveal the contours of Hamas’s broader plan, one that analysts say was intended not to just kill and capture Israelis, but to spark a conflagration that would sweep the region and lead to a wider conflict.” WaPo (Gift Article) with a deeply researched piece: Hamas envisioned deeper attacks, aiming to provoke an Israeli war.”Hamas knew Israel would strike back hard. That was the point …To Hamas, Palestinian suffering is a critical component in bringing about the instability and global outrage it seeks to exploit.”

+ The IDF has taken over Hamas parliament building in Gaza, says Hamas has lost control of the city. Al-Shifa hospital in Gaza stops functioning as it’s surrounded by troops. Fuel being prevented from getting to hospital. Underground command center and signs of hostages found under a children’s hospital. Here’s the latest from CNN, BBC, NBC, and Times of Israel.