What to Doc: In some circles, Yogi Berra is mostly remembered for being a colorful character with a lot of memorable Yogisms. And he was that. But he was also one of the best and most winning baseball players of all time. He also has one hell of a supportive granddaughter. Need a feel good doc? Check out, It Ain’t Over.

+ What to Watch: During the tech era, we get endless stories of new money. If you’re bored by that, lose yourself in old money in the guilty and gildy pleasure of The Gilded Age on Max.

+ What to Read And if you want some more backstory on just how rich the richest New Yorkers were back in the day, curl up in a pile of cash and check out Anderson Cooper’s latest book: The Astors. (Cooper’s great-great-great-grandfather was Cornelius Vanderbilt, who was rich. But not Astor rich…)