Confessional Box: “An Arizona judge has dismissed a high-profile child sexual abuse lawsuit against The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, ruling that church officials who knew that a church member was sexually abusing his daughter had no duty to report the abuse to police or social service agencies because the information was received during a spiritual confession.” Court cites clergy-penitent privilege in dismissing child sex abuse lawsuit against Mormon church. “Decision to withhold his abusive behavior from civil authorities allowed him to continue abusing his daughter for seven years, during which he began abusing a second daughter, starting when she was just 6 weeks old.”

+ Die Trying: “From his viral video cornering Senator Jeff Flake on an airplane and asking him to ‘be a hero’ by protecting the Affordable Care Act, to civil disobedience arrests in his wheelchair, to his cross-country bus tour bird-dogging candidates, to commandeering the microphone of Pod Save America, to persuading the Democratic presidential candidates to do interviews with him, to his testimony at the first-ever Medicare for All hearing in Congress, to launching the Be A Hero campaign, Ady turned dying into organizing.” Remembering Ady Barkan, Who Turned Dying Into an Act of Love.

+ Return to Vendor: “Those talks were part of a larger Russian push to seek help from its longtime arms customers, who for decades bought Russian aircraft, missiles and air-defense systems, making Moscow the world’s second-largest arms exporter.” Russia asks other countries to return weapons sold to them.

+ Fast Car, Slow Road: “Tracy Chapman is the first black songwriter to win song of the year in the ceremony’s 57-year history.” And she did it with a 35 year-old song that was recently covered by Luke Combs. Tracy Chapman makes country music history.

+ Take This Gov and Shove It: “When Hibbard wrapped up, he grabbed his water bottle and briefcase and walked out [becoming] part of a wave of local elected and appointed government officials and public-sector employees who are abruptly quitting their jobs in the middle of public meetings throughout smaller towns across America.” WSJ (Gift Article): Town officials are dramatically quitting and walking out of public meetings. Those sticking around in these jobs are facing increasing challenges. 4 elections offices in Washington are evacuated due to suspicious envelopes, 2 containing fentanyl. And, threatening letter containing fentanyl sent to Fulton County election officials. As these jobs get less desirable, those who hold them will too. Who would want any of these gigs, from being a local elections volunteer to serving in Congress?