“Becoming a full-time creator has emerged as one of the most popular career goals among schoolchildren in America and around the globe. Nearly 30 percent of kids ages 8 to 12 listed ‘YouTuber’ as their top career choice in a global survey conducted in 2019 by the Harris Poll and toymaker Lego — three times more than picked ‘astronaut.’ … To meet the growing demand, after-school programs and summer camps like Creator Camp have cropped up from coast to coast to teach relevant filmmaking skills.” Taylor Lorenz in WaPo (Gift Article): Camps teaching kids to be YouTubers are cropping up across the country. “‘YouTubers make a lot, a lot of money,’ said camper Colin, 9, who is also in the fourth grade.” (The economic upside explains why these camps are so much better attended than my annual, three-month, intensive Newsletter and Pun Exploration Summertime Silent Retreat.)