Today’s lead story is emblematic of two pretty consistent tech trends. First, many of the things we create have an outsized (and often negative) impact on young people. Second, our laws are consistently behind our technologies. “Artificial intelligence is fueling an unprecedented boom this year in fake p-rnographic images and videos. It’s enabled by a rise in cheap and easy-to-use AI tools that can ‘undress’ people in photographs — analyzing what their naked bodies would look like and imposing it into an image — or seamlessly swap a face into a p-rnographic video.” WaPo (Gift Article): AI fake nudes are booming. It’s ruining real teens’ lives. “Victims have little recourse. There’s no federal law governing deepfake porn, and only a handful of states have enacted regulations. President Biden’s AI executive order issued Monday recommends, but does not require, companies to label AI-generated photos, videos and audio to indicate computer-generated work.”