Weekend Whats

What to Doc: “In one of the most grueling and psychologically challenging endurance races in the world, a hundred runners come together to take on a treacherous, continuous one mile loop in the mountains of Tennessee for over 30 straight hours….until only one is left standing.” You may find the main protagonist, Chadd with two Ds, a bit odd or even a bit irritating. But you’ll end up taking him on every run, hike, or hill you climb. Just. One. Mile. And if you’ve never seen it, don’t miss The Barkley Marathons: The Race That Eats Its Young.

+ What to Pod: “When I think about this conference with over 12,000 registered people, with opening talks by the governor of Colorado and over 500 other speakers, I can only wonder, am I tripping? I think not. It’s not that I’m tripping, it’s that culture is tipping.” Excellent overview from Reveal on the unlikely mainstreaming of psychedelic drugs. America Goes Psychedelic, Again.

+ What to Wear: The new Pro Democracy t-shirts and hoodies sold like crazy this week. The NextDraft store also features a new, brandless version of the “I Am the Algorithm” shirt. Get your new threads here.

+ What to Hear: During the past couple weeks of the Middle East crisis, I’ve been hearing Dire Straits Brothers in Arms in my head. It’s a great, sadly timely, song on a great album. “Someday you’ll return to / Your valleys and your farms / And you’ll no longer burn to be brothers in arms.”

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