“Some automotive tech students at a high school in Virginia have been working all year to fix up a car to surprise a single mother with six kids.”

+ If you missed it earlier this week, read it now. Champions of Breakfast.

+ “Artist Tiffany Shlain’s sculpture ‘Dendrofemonology’ chronicles women’s achievements stretching back 50,000 years, on the eve of an election in which women’s rights are at stake.” If you’re near the Mall in DC this weekend, check it out!

+ Vaping by high school students dropped this year.

+ WaPo (Gift Article): A falcon lost his ability to fly. Now the bird is an artist in Vermont.

+ ‘Dogs should eat as well as humans’: high-end canine cucina opens in Rome.

+ “A long conversation with the legend about returning to the stage, being in a grandpa chat with Bruce Springsteen, and working with Arnold Schwarzenegger again.” Danny DeVito Has Never Heard the Term “Short King.”