Flower and Water

If the Middle East crisis is emblematic of the past once more cycling back to haunt us, then the crisis in South Sudan is, for many, a vision of the global future. Added to war is a new and seemingly permanent foe. Climate. “Climate disasters are often perceived as finite events — with an emergency and a recovery, a beginning and an end. But as these disasters grow in magnitude and frequency, striking poor countries dependent on a stretched humanitarian system, some are no longer just passing crises, but permanent states of being.” WaPo (Gift Article): Years into a climate disaster, these people are eating the unthinkable. “Nyaguey grabbed a plastic bucket and an empty sack and set off from her village surrounded by floodwater. Those waters had upended her life, but also provided a food option — not a desirable one, but one of the few left.
Water lilies. They’d been keeping her family alive for two years.”

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