Suggestions From the Top: The White House just issued an executive order on AI. Here are three things you should know. “While Biden’s executive order goes beyond previous US government attempts to regulate AI, it places far more emphasis on establishing best practices and standards than on how, or even whether, the new directives will be enforced.” (Big tech loves them some self regulation…)

+ Maine Objective: The more we learn about the Maine massacre, the more troubling the story gets. WaPo: Maine gunman’s family contacted police months before massacre, sheriff says. “In addition to his own relatives, law enforcement officials and government agencies also expressed anxiety about Robert Card and the possible risk he posed to others … The concerns even extended to fears he would commit mass violence.”NYT: Police Were Told Maine Gunman Had Threatened to Carry Out Shooting Spree. ABC: Army said Maine shooter should not have gun, requested welfare check. We can’t even keep weapons of war out of the hands of a walking red flag like Robert Card. That’s one more reason why they need to be banned altogether.

+ Attacks and A Tax: The Mike Johnson-led House doesn’t want to tie Israel funding to Ukraine funding. But they do want to tie it to cutting funding for the IRS. House Republicans aim to pay for Israel aid with cuts to IRS funds. (Nothing says we defend democracy like making sure the wealthy don’t have to pay a fair share of taxes.)

+ Bot Feeders: Remember how bots completely ruined your ticket-buying experience? Well, they’re coming for you dinner reservations next. In the battle for restaurant reservations, it’s diners vs. bots.

+ Run Ragged: “Runners continue to push the boundaries of what’s possible in backyard ultrarunning, and the 2023 Big Dog’s Backyard Ultra was no different. In the end, American Harvey Lewis claimed the title of last person standing, after a record-breaking 108 hours and 450 miles of running.”