Shock and UAW

“Details of the GM deal were not announced, but sources said the UAW won the same package of wage increases it agreed at the other two automakers, which raises top pay for veteran workers by 33%.” UAW reaches deal with GM, ending strike against Detroit automakers.

+ We are in an era of building worker rights. It’s been a long time coming. “The strike comes amid a wider revival of labor. Though union membership is at a historic low, in the past few years the number of striking workers has reached its highest level in decades. Recent walkouts by members of *SAG*-*AFTRA* and the Writers Guild and by workers at Kaiser Permanente have enjoyed broad public approval. According to a Gallup poll, sixty-seven per cent of Americans now support labor unions, nineteen points higher than in 2009.” The New Yorker: Will the U.A.W. Strike Turn the Rust Belt Green?

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