What to Watch: Starstruck on Max is a lighthearted, comedic series about a relationship that develops after a woman has a one-night stand with someone she later learns is a famous actor. Watch Starstruck on Max.

+ What to Cam: Need even more of a break from all the recent bad news? Try the Baby Animal Cam on Netflix.

+ What to Read: “Johnson’s favorite words are ‘algorithm’ and ‘AI,’ used in the context of the phrase ‘We need to align with AI.’ He says this a lot. He also loves talking about his penis. At night, he attaches a small jetpack-like device to his groin to track his erections. His penis is usually erect for two hours and 13 minutes. This is good but not great. If Johnson wants to achieve his goal, which is to have the penis and heart function of an 18-year-old, he’ll need to maintain erections for at least an hour longer, on average.” ZoĆ« Bernard in GQ: At RAADfest, a gathering devoted to ‘radical life extension,’ no pathway to eternal life is off the table. (I think the goal of this movement is to be so irritating that others become less concerned about death and more concerned about learning more about the movement.)