“She rose to speak after pleading guilty, fighting back tears as she said she would have not have represented Trump after the 2020 election if she knew then what she knows now, claiming that she relied on lawyers with much more experience than her and failed to verify the things they told her.” Another day and another Trump lawyers pleads guilty in the Georgia election case. Jenna Ellis becomes latest Trump lawyer to plead guilty over efforts to overturn Georgia’s election.

+ “The topic was the statement of financial condition. He would look at the total assets and he would say ‘I’m actually not worth 4.5 billion, I’m really worth more like six.’ He would then direct Allen and I to go back to Allen’s office and return after we achieved the desired goal.” Michael Cohen is spilling the bean counting techniques in the Trump fraud trial.

+ Meanwhile, Trump compared himself to Nelson Mandela as he railed against the criminal charges against him. (For that alone he should get twenty years in prison.)