Yesterday, the scoundrel and election-denying Jim Jordan fell short of his quest for the House speakership when 20 of his GOP colleagues voted against him. Following an increased pressure campaign, another vote was held today. This time 22 of GOP colleagues voted against him. While I feel a deep sense of relief that Jordan is not the Speaker of the House (for now), this sh-tshow is anything but a cause for celebration. As many as 200 of his colleagues did vote for Jordan. That’s just unthinkable, except for the fact that it follows and undeniable trend that shows no signs of abating. Ron Brownstein in The Atlantic (Gift Article): The Threat to Democracy Is Coming From Inside the U.S. House. “The preponderant majority of House Republicans backing Jordan is attempting to elevate someone who not only defended former President Trump’s efforts to subvert the 2020 presidential election but participated in them more extensively than any other member of Congress.”