I know there’s a working theory that having Jim Jordan as Speaker would gravely damage the GOP and cost them the House, and be a net win for Dems. My take is that having the despicable, election-denying, Jim Jordan—a flame-thrower and a liar who has never authored a bill that has passed the House—as Speaker is too high a price to pay for any political gains. His assent to that position would be a tragedy for America, a serious threat to the 2024 election, and shame in front of the world. On the first ballot, Jordan failed to get enough votes for the speakership. Let’s hope the same holds true when the House votes again. Here’s the latest from CNN.

+ WaPo: Why Jim Jordan’s speaker bid failed — for now. (Hint: It has nothing to do with his election denying or his general unfitness.)

+ Kevin McCarthy blames the GOP’s inability to elect a Speaker on … Democrats. (Even the Fox News reporter was like, Wait, what?)