Carbon is Taxing: “Offsetting has been hailed as a fix for runaway emissions and climate change—but the market’s largest firm sold millions of credits for carbon reductions that weren’t real. The New Yorker: The Great Cash-for-Carbon Hustle. (Removing money from the system is a lot easier than removing carbon from it.)

+ Kid Gloves Off: “Intervenors can file motions, enter evidence and call and cross-examine witnesses to argue that a child would be better off staying with them permanently, even if the birth parents — or other family members, such as grandparents — have fulfilled all their legal obligations to provide the child with a safe home.” ProPublica: When Foster Parents Don’t Want to Give Back the Baby.

+ Terrible: Leave it to an insane, radicalized American to make a terrible situation even worse. Palestinian-American boy killed and his mother injured after landlord stabs them because they were Muslim.

+ Pole Position: Poland bucks the authoritarian trend. “Polish opposition leader Donald Tusk declared the beginning of a new era for his country after opposition parties appeared to have won enough votes in Sunday’s parliamentary election to oust the governing nationalist conservative party.”

+ Broad a Peel: “Daniel Noboa, an inexperienced politician and an heir to a fortune built on the banana trade, won Ecuador’s presidential runoff election Sunday held amid unprecedented violence that even claimed the life of a candidate.”

+ The Skinny on Denmark: “If Ozempic and Wegovy fall out of fashion or are eclipsed by competitors, not just Novo Nordisk’s stock price would suffer. All of Denmark would.” The Atlantic (Gift Article) on just how big these new drugs have become, and just how much of Denmark’s economy now depends on them. Something Is Golden in the State of Denmark.