“In the world of spooky commerce, there’s one name that rises above the rest: Spirit Halloween. The seasonal retailer sells costumes, decorations and just about anything else somebody might need for Halloween.” It’s spooky how fast Spirit Halloween stores pop up. Here’s how the retailer does it. (There’s a story about junk that ends up in a landfill here, but it’s Friday and we need to focus on the feel good.)

+ Climate change is bad. But there are a lot of people making great efforts to improve the situation. NPR: Wonderful and wild stories about tackling climate change.

+ “Charles Feeney, a philanthropist who Bill Gates once called the ‘ultimate example of Giving While Living,’ has passed away at the age of 92. Feeney, over the course of his life, gave more than $8 billion to charities, often anonymously.” (His relatives are like, “OK, explain to me how this is feel good…”)

+ Kaiser Permanente and unions reach tentative agreement one week after strike.

+ A winning ticket sold in California nabs a Powerball jackpot of more than $1.7 billion. (Sure, but it’s no big deal after taxes…)

+ Sarah Sunny: How India’s first deaf lawyer made history in Supreme Court.

+ Sam Sieracki breaks Guinness World Record for solving Rubik’s Cube while skydiving. (Thank goodness someone finally addressed this need.)