Gap Year: “Harvard University’s Claudia Goldin has won the 2023 Nobel Prize in Economics for her research on women in the labor market. She studies the changing role of working women through the centuries, and the causes of the persistent pay gap between men and women.”

+ From Bad to Nurse: “They got caught in the middle between anti-maskers and maskers and anti-vaccine and pro-vaccine parents, and were the point of contact whenever students had to quarantine. ‘School nurses are used to interacting with parents who are angry … that anger just got to levels we had never seen before.'” A third of schools don’t have a nurse.

+ Gavel Pit: Jim Jordan, “a leading contender for the speakership, does differ from his GOP colleagues in an important way: his unique role in helping Trump try to steal the 2020 election and launch the January 6 riot.” (Plenty of his colleagues see this is a positive.) Meanwhile, Kevin McCarthy seems to be getting back into the race for the job he just lost. (It would be funny if it weren’t deadly serious: Army to Congress: Do your job so we can help Israel and Ukraine.)

+ Space Jammed “Props to humanity: It isn’t easy to make an infinite expanse observable across 94B light-years feel like a cluttered mess.” There’s just so much space junk.

+ Marathon Man: “Kiptum averaged 4:36 per mile but ran much faster over the second half, which included a 4:21 mile.” It’s impossible to even wrap one’s head around someone running this fast for this long. Kelvin Kiptum Shatters Marathon World Record in Chicago.

+ But Never At Musk: “As false information about the rapidly changing war between Gaza Strip militants and Israel proliferated on the social media platform X over the weekend, owner Elon Musk personally recommended that users follow accounts notorious for promoting lies.” Maybe, just maybe, it’s time for him to shut the eff up about things he knows nothing about? (It’s definitely long past time for people to stop posting on his site.)