No Longer a WallFlower: “The Biden administration announced they waived 26 federal laws in South Texas to allow border wall construction on Wednesday, marking the administration’s first use of sweeping executive power to pave the way for building more border barriers.”

+ Orange You Glad You’re Not Bananas: “Global temperatures soared to a new record in September by a huge margin, stunning scientists and leading one to describe it as ‘absolutely gobsmackingly bananas.'” How bananas? Banana tree growing in London garden due to climate change.

+ Apple of My Ire: “According to the complaint in his case, unbeknownst to Kiani, back when the two companies started meeting, Apple hatched a plan, known internally as Project Everest, to obtain or emulate Masimo’s technology without paying Kiani a cent. Instead of acquiring Masimo, Apple could simply raid its brain trust.” I’m an Apple fanboy, but this story won’t surprise anyone who’s dealt with the company (or other tech bigs). LA Times: An Orange County entrepreneur’s $60-million legal battle to stop Apple from steamrolling startups. (I’ve often described the App Store as a Apple’s petri dish to determine which app they want to launch next.)

+ Targeting Civilians: “Ukrainian officials said Thursday that at least 51 people were killed in a Russian strike that hit a grocery store and café in the northeast Kharkiv region.” (The House GOP is no longer sure it wants to support the victims of these monstrosities in their fight to defend democracy.)

+ Norwegian Would: “The author is internationally celebrated in literary circles and has been called ‘the most produced living playwright.'” Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse wins the 2023 Nobel Prize in literature.

+ The Enablers: Julia Ormond is suing Harvey Weinstein for sexual battery. But she’s not stopping with the jailed rapist. “Ormond is additionally suing CAA, The Walt Disney Company and Miramax … it is rare for business partners that profited from Weinstein’s work to be named as defendants for supposedly enabling his behavior.”

+ You Get a Truck, You Get a Truck: “In one of the most unique and lucrative arrangements of the 27-month-old name, image and likeness era, the Crimson Collective, the NIL group supporting Utah athletics, is presenting a truck to each one of the 85 scholarship members of the football team.”

+ Domestic Affairs: “Despite the rigorous evidence, many of us, myself included, cannot stop rinsing. The suggestion that it’s unnecessary provokes domestic disputes and perhaps disproportionate anger … This fascinating disconnect warranted further study. Through testing and interviews, I found that there are many factors — logistical, psychological, personal, marital — that cloud the issue of dishwashing.” WaPo (Gift Article): Experts say don’t pre-rinse your dishes. We put that advice to the test. (Dishwashing is like politics. Facts don’t always matter. In my house, I dont care if you rinse or don’t rinse. But if you load the silverware with the tongs facing up, you’ll be vacated faster than Kevin McCarthy.) And, while we’re in the kitchen: Why You Should Stop Using Plastic Cutting Boards Right Now.