Taking Coverage

“The world has become an increasingly dangerous place for reporters, but — outside the war in Ukraine — no place is more deadly for them than Mexico. Since the central government began its brutal and chaotic war on drugs in 2006, at least 128 reporters have been killed there, according to the Committee to Protect Journalists, 13 of them last year alone, a chilling record. Mexican journalists have faced phone hacks, death threats, beatings, torture and, in one case, grenade attacks on their newsroom. They face these perils in part because the authorities whose job it is to protect them have in many instances long been infiltrated by the cartels.” Nicholas Casey with a detailed look at one newspaper’s attempt to cover the news in a Mexican city, where both the cartels and the government present existential threats. NYT Mag (Gift Article): Who Hired the Hitmen to Silence Zitácuaro?

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