Bordering on Disaster? “By opening migration processing centers in three Latin American countries, the Biden administration is trying to coax people not to make a harrowing trek to the border.” NYT: Biden Plan Seeks to Keep Migrants Away From the Border. Will It Work? Also, from the NYT: Officials Scramble to Respond as Migrants Overwhelm Texas City. Meanwhile, “the Biden administration announced Wednesday the expansion of a form of humanitarian relief to Venezuelans already in the United States, making hundreds of thousands more people eligible for work permits and likely appeasing calls by New York City officials to provide work authorization to certain migrants.”

+ Poverty POV: “No matter how well the economy performs, generous welfare programs that reach everyone in need are our most effective tool against poverty.” Vox: We cut child poverty to historic lows, then let it rebound faster than ever before. The New Yorker’s Isaac Chotiner with an in-depth conversation on the issue. How the U.S. Lifted Children Out of Poverty and Then Threw Them Back Into It.

+ Putin’s Dream Team: “‘Was Zelensky elected to Congress? Is he our president? I don’t think so. I have questions for where’s the accountability on the money we’ve already spent? What is this the plan for victory?’ House Speaker Kevin McCarthy asked Tuesday.” It’s bad enough that Americans have to deal with our crazy House, now Zelensky does, too. These guys don’t stand for democracy at home, why would they care about it abroad? Zelensky faces a more splintered GOP as he returns to Capitol Hill looking for aid. Also, Zelensky won’t be addressing Congress because, according to the Speaker, McCarthy: Congress ‘didn’t have time.’ Meanwhile, GOP hardliners sink Pentagon bill in another blow for McCarthy.

+ Card Carrying: “We breathe in about 16 bits of microplastic every hour, the equivalent of a credit card each week.” So while you’re getting into debt, debt is getting into you.

+ The Apple Doesn’t Fall Far From the Tree: “Stanford University said it will be returning gifts it received from bankrupt crypto exchange FTX ‘in their entirety,’ after a lawsuit against founder Sam Bankman-Fried’s parents alleged the school received millions of dollars in donations.” (Two words: Go Bears.)

+ 86’d at 96: “It’s the latest development in an unusually public and bitter fight over whether Judge Pauline Newman should continue to serve on the Washington-based U.S. Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit that has sparked a lawsuit and turned judges against one another.” A 96-year-old federal judge is barred from hearing cases in a bitter fight over her mental fitness.