Good night, sleep tight, don’t let the software bugs bite. Devices. Tracking. Data collection and analysis. Technology dominates our every waking hour, but a new breed of user is trying to change that. They’re letting technology dominate their sleeping hours, too. “Mike Skerrett, a 27-year-old television writer in Los Angeles, wears a Whoop band to track his biometrics constantly … The device, popular for measuring workouts, says it can track rest cycles when worn at night, helping to ‘optimize your sleep performance.’ He has deployed tactics including blackout curtains and taping his mouth shut to max out his sleep score on Whoop’s app. ‘I can see that on days when I tape my mouth during sleep, I have a 7% higher recovery score in the morning than on days when I don’t,’ he says. ‘I implemented these changes partially to chase the higher score on the app, and, it also does change the feel of the night’s sleep, for the better.'” WSJ (Gift Article): Hard-Core Sleepers Obsess Over Their Snoozing Stats. I happen to share a bedroom with a hardcore sleep tracker. The other night, my wife informed me that she had to go to sleep at 10:34pm for maximum overnight recovery. When I went to bed a couple hours later, she was still up playing Zelda. I decided it best to let sleeping dogs lie.