Hot in the City

“Preventing climate change is out of Singapore’s control: The city-state emits less than 0.1% of global carbon emissions. But there is a surefire way to limit city temperatures, researchers say: Revive the natural processes that cooled the land before urbanization. Most cities do not have Singapore’s wealth and centralized political system, which allow it to move quickly to build new infrastructure. But while some of Singapore’s strategies to reduce excess heat are expensive, many of them are straightforward, and cheaper than planning for, say, floods or hurricanes.” NYT (Gift Article) with an interesting interactive piece: How to Cool Down a City. “Singapore is rethinking its sweltering urban areas to dampen the effects of climate change. Can it be a model?” (Especially when the changes they’re executing in Singapore are happening in about the amount of time it takes to get a bathroom remodel approved in America…)

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