My Cup Runneth Over My Shirt

I admit it. I’m a bad person. I prefer drinking coffee out of a paper cup. For some reason, when I use a mug, coffee ends up dribbling down the outside of it or onto my shirt. I admit that I have this common drinking problem. I also admit that the use of paper cups, especially when deployed in mass numbers by a company as ubiquitous as Starbucks, is a big environment strain. Starbucks realizes that as well. AP: Citing sustainability, Starbucks wants to overhaul its iconic cup. Will customers go along? (We’re so addicted to the buzz, customers would drink coffee out of an old shoe.)

+ It’s not the paper in paper cups that’s the problem. “Supposedly eco-friendly cups are still coated with a thin layer of plastic.” WiredUK: Sorry, Your Paper Coffee Cup Is a Toxic Nightmare. (Everything you enjoy is terrible.)

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