Extra, Extra

Morocco Quake: “Rescuers in Morocco have been using their bare hands as desperate search efforts continue for survivors of Friday’s powerful earthquake. A total of 2,681 people are known to have died in the tremor – the country’s deadliest in 60 years.” Here are some photos from the aftermath of the quake that hit hardest in remote areas with structures that were defenseless. BBC: Morocco earthquake: I had to choose between saving my parents or my son.

+ Un Popular War: Kim Jong Un is currently on a slow, armored train to meet with Putin in Vladivostok. On one hand, the expected arms deal between the countries represents a danger to Ukraine. On the other hand, the summit is evidence of just how hard up Putin is for allies in his murderous invasion.

+ Booster Crow: “We expect this season’s vaccine to be available in the coming days, pending recommendation from public health authorities, so people can ask their doctor about receiving their COVID-19 vaccine during the same appointment as their annual flu shot.” FDA signs off on updated COVID boosters.

+ Pass or Grail: “The reform sweeping red America is slightly different from a voucher — it’s called an education savings account, or an ESA. In a voucher system, public funds go directly to schools. With ESAs, parents who opt out of the public school system get several thousand dollars in an account that they can use for private school tuition, homeschooling, or other education-related expenses.” The conservative push for ‘school choice’ has had its most successful year ever. And forget the SAT and the ACT, in Florida, many schools are now accepting called the CLT.

+ Ready for Some Football: Disney and Spectrum have cut a new deal to get ESPN and ABC back on Spectrum, just in time for Monday Night Football. The dispute is just one more reminder that sports are supreme in the modern streaming landscape, and that means customers are paying more than ever to watch one of the few types of content that still actually brings us together. I touched on just how huge the NFL is on Friday: Football’s Fantasy.

+ Kiss Off: “Luis Rubiales, the Spanish soccer federation president who kissed a player on the lips without her consent during the trophy ceremony in Australia last month, resigned late Sunday following weeks of relentless pressure from inside the sport and Spanish society in general.”

+ Cover Charge: “2,500 newspapers — more than a quarter in the U.S. — have gone out of business since 2005. Such a loss is accompanied by a rise in corporate and government corruption and a drop in voter participation.” Philanthropies pledge $500 million to address crisis in local news.

+ Coco Pops: Coco Gauff, somehow a tennis tour veteran at 19, lost in the first round of this year’s Wimbledon. She added coach Brad Gilbert to her team and proceeded to have a winning Summer season, which just culminated with her first major. Yes! Coco Gauff Won Her First Major at the U.S. Open. It Won’t Be Her Last. And in a story that’s so relentlessly unbelievable that’s it’s become ho-hum, Novak Djokovic topped Daniil Medvedev to win his 24th major. “Djokovic has now won titles at exactly one third of the majors he has played in (24 titles in 72 major appearances). He has reached the final in exactly half (36) of the Slams in which he has competed.”

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