Different Point of View

“The day after the scan, which cost $2,499 out of pocket, a Prenuvo nurse called to tell Jensen the MRI had detected a hard-looking two millimeter cyst on her pancreas. Doctors confirmed her fears: She had stage 1 pancreatic cancer. Jensen, who had surgery to remove the mass — along with a third of her pancreas and her entire spleen — credits Prenuvo with saving her life.” The headline and focus of much of this article is on health trends among the wealthy. But maybe technologies like these, if made widely available, will end up saving money as well as lives? I know a lot of experts also say these (too?) early interventions can cause more harm than good. It definitely seems like something worth, er, looking into. WaPo (Gift Article): Silicon Valley’s quest to live forever now includes $2,500 full-body MRIs.

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