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What Did the Lind Say? “The grand jurors’ lengthy report released Friday showed they recommended charges against 39 people, including Lindsay Graham, former U.S. Sens. Sens. Kelly Loeffler and David Perdue of Georgia and former Trump national security adviser Michael Flynn.” It turns out that Fani Willis hasn’t been overly zealous when it comes to handing out indictments in the election meddling case. Georgia special grand jury recommended charges against 39 people, including Sen. Lindsey Graham. Meanwhile, former Trump adviser Peter Navarro was just convicted of contempt of Congress (prosecutors are getting tired of all the winning). Back at Bedminster, Trump hosted a $100,000 per person dinner to raise money for Rudy Giuliani’s mounting legal bills. (You’ll get a better return from those NFTs you invested in last year.)

+ Robot Chicken: “Automation powered by artificial intelligence is poised to revolutionize weapons, warfare and military power – and shape the escalating rivalry between China and the United States. Australia, one of America’s closest allies, could have dozens of lethal autonomous robots patrolling the ocean depths years before its first nuclear submarine goes on patrol.” In U.S.-China AI contest, the race is on to deploy killer robots. “The outcome of this competition could determine the global balance of power.”

+ Grocery List: “Kroger on Friday said it has agreed to pay $1.2 billion to U.S. states, local governments and Native American tribes to settle the majority of claims that it fueled the opioid epidemic through lax oversight of its pill sales.” (It’s one of the biggest scandals in American history because almost everyone was in on it.)

+ Shifting Borders: “A year later, the migrant waves he helped set in motion have put northern ‘sanctuary’ cities increasingly on edge, their budgets stretched, their communities strained. And a border crisis that has animated Republican politics for years is now dividing the Democratic Party. Humanitarian impulses are crashing into desperate resource constraints and once-loyal Democratic allies have reluctantly joined Republicans to train their fire on President Biden.” NYT (Gift Article): G.O.P. Gets the Democratic Border Crisis It Wanted.

+ That 30s Show: “A judge sentenced ‘That ’70s Show’ show star Danny Masterson to 30 years to life in prison Thursday for raping two women, giving them some relief after they spoke in court about the decades of damage he inflicted.”

+ Feet Fault: “Coco Gauff’s U.S. Open semifinal victory over Karolina Muchova was delayed by 50 minutes because of a disruption by four environmental activists in the Arthur Ashe Stadium stands Thursday night. One protester glued his bare feet to the concrete floor.” Doug Bowman with the best take on the incident: “The irony: Most adhesives come from fossil fuel sources…”

+ Must He Say? “Is the Only Murders in the Building star a comic genius or the most annoying actor on Earth?” Why We Keep Putting Up With Martin Short.

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