Bottom of the News

“A weird thing people don’t tell you about getting older is certain smells just go away. I’m not talking about a dulling of our senses, I mean the literal scents that occupy very specific memories or moments in time. I assume it’s probably for the best, especially since many of the scents I’m chasing likely aren’t available for me to sniff because they’d probably kill my body over time.” Jason Diamond with some thoughts on smells from our past: That 1980s Bowling Alley Smell. (I still have double-session football practice PTSD when I smell wet, freshly cut grass.)

+ “Diners have long been known to whip out cameras while eating, with a 2021 poll finding that 44% of people frequently post images of their food on social media. Now, customers, typically younger, are training their cameras on the staff.” WSJ (Gift Article): This Is My Job, Not Fodder for Your TikTok.

+ Howard Stern is no longer a shock jock, but his painting skills might shock you.

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