Extra, Extra

Stand Back and Stand By (for 22 years): “Former Proud Boys leader Enrique Tarrio was sentenced Tuesday to 22 years in prison for orchestrating a failed plot to keep Donald Trump in power after the Republican lost the 2020 election, capping the case with the stiffest punishment that has been handed down yet for the U.S. Capitol attack.” They got the orchestrator. The legal system is still working it’s way up to the conductor.

+ A Bad Scene: Caterers, dry cleaners, drivers … it’s not just actors and writers being impacted by the Hollywood strike. Hollywood walkouts have wiped $5 billion from California’s economy.

+ Market Attack:Russian missiles kill 16 at Ukraine market as Blinken visits to show support, offer more U.S. help.” (The more progress Ukraine makes the more citizens Putin tries to kill.)

+ Put Your Money Where Your Mouth Is: “Four months after a civil trial jury found that Donald Trump sexually abused and defamed advice columnist E. Jean Carroll, a federal judge ruled on Wednesday that still more of the ex-president’s comments about her were libelous. The decision means that an upcoming second trial will concern only how much more he has to pay her.” This isn’t the only case where Trump’s inability to STFU could hurt him. Trump’s posts ‘threaten to prejudice jury pool’ in federal 2020 case, complaint says. This garbage may play with the base, but it is only going to hurt him in court.

+ A Bit More Coin: Were there any financial winners in last year’s crypto collapse that has landed some CEOs in jail? Yes. Lawyers. NYT: A $700 Million Bonanza for the Winners of Crypto’s Collapse.

+ Faulty Service: “But, I don’t know if it’s legal or illegal, but — I have to find a way because I cannot watch it on TV — so I got internet and this pirate website or something, so I watched tennis there. I had no other choice.” Thanks to Disney’s Spectrum blackout, Daniil Medvedev was unable to keep up with other US Open matches from his hotel TV and had to find more dubious ways of watching the action. The content wars have come. And we might just be warming up. (None of us who has stolen a cable signal knows if it’s legal or illegal, right?)

+ Course Correction: “The runners were disqualified after missing checkpoints that were placed every 5 kilometers. Some runners allegedly used vehicles or public transport to cut the course.” 11,000 runners DQ’d from Mexico City Marathon, per report.

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