Idalia Update: “Idalia made landfall earlier Wednesday on Florida’s Gulf Coast as a powerful Category 3 storm. It’s the strongest hurricane to make landfall in the Big Bend region in more than 125 years, and it briefly intensified into a Category 4 hurricane before landfall.” Here’s the latest from CNN and AP. The ocean temps are so high in the area that they act as rocket fuel for the storm.

+ Tase Me, Bro: “Axon Enterprise is best known for its electroshock Taser device that immobilizes criminal suspects. Less familiar: what one-time staffers describe as an all-in culture, in which some felt pressed to be tased before onlookers, get permanently inked with company tattoos, or join a stock plan that left some in the lurch. Axon says it never pressures employees to do any of these things.” At Taser maker Axon, ex-staffers say loyalty meant being tased or tattooed. (And you thought your company was being mean for asking you to drop by the office once in a while.)

+ Rudy in Deep Doody: “Donning a cloak of victimization may play well on a public stage to certain audiences, but in a court of law this performance has served only to subvert the normal process of discovery in a straight-forward defamation case … The fact that Giuliani is a sophisticated litigant with a self-professed 50 years of experience in litigation — including serving as the U.S. Attorney for the Southern District of New York — only underscores his lackluster preservation efforts.” Rudy Giuliani is liable for defaming Georgia election workers, judge rules. (Of all the crimes these jerks committed, the defaming of two innocent Georgia election workers was the most heartless. May the damages meet the damage done.)

+ Pot Sticker: Bloomberg: US Health Officials Urge Moving Pot to Lower-Risk Category. Most people agree. I don’t think Biden is one of them.

+ News Flash: “Warner Bros. Discovery on Wednesday named Mark Thompson, the former New York Times Co. and BBC leader who has demonstrated a knack for guiding media into digital realms, as the latest executive to oversee CNN.” (Maybe they’ll go back to covering news! Seriously, look at this absolute nonsense CNN was covering last night.)

+ Comprehensive Coverage: “A Chicago television news crew reporting on a string of robberies ended up robbed themselves after they were accosted at gunpoint by three armed men wearing ski masks.”