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Good Times, Bad Times: Judd Legum: “The leading economic indicators show the U.S. economy is performing well, but most Americans still believe economic conditions are extremely poor — as if the country was mired in a deep recession. What explains this discrepancy?” (Two big divides: the political one and the economic one.)

+ America First? “Blending a tough-on-China stance with lavish federal subsidies for favored industries, the president is reshaping the U.S. approach to cross-border commerce to focus on the needs of Americans as workers rather than consumers.” WaPo (Gift Article): Biden’s course for U.S. on trade breaks with Clinton and Obama.

+ The More You Know: “He was in possession of an AR-15-style weapon and a handgun; he left manifestos about his hatred toward African Americans; he was wearing a tactical-style uniform, as if going to war. There are still questions about how he acquired the guns, his mental state, and whether he had accomplices. But the basic storyline is written. He made it easy. He wanted us to know.” The Jacksonville Killer Wanted Everyone to Know His Message of Hate. (It’s a message of hate that’s been adopted by plenty of people for political gain. The bigger problem is that some people translate these messages into actions.)

+ Do you kiss your mama with that mouth? The story about the post World Cup kiss is far from over. “The mother of embattled Spanish football federation president Luis Rubiales has locked herself in a church and said she is on hunger strike in protest at her son’s treatment.”

+ Robitusslin: “The move comes after months of debate over the wearing of abayas in French schools, where women and girls have long been barred from wearing the Islamic headscarf or face coverings. A March 2004 law banned ‘the wearing of signs or outfits by which students ostensibly show a religious affiliation’ in schools. That includes large crosses, Jewish kippahs and Islamic headscarves.” France bans Islamic abaya robes in schools.

+ Florida Storm Watch: “Tropical Storm Idalia is now expected to grow into a ‘major hurricane‘ by the time it reaches Florida late Tuesday.”

+ “Bob Barker, Come On Up!” “Barker, whose career spanned more than eight decades, was best known as the longtime host of The Price Is Right on CBS. In 2002, he broke Johnny Carson’s record for continuous performances on the same network TV show.” Longtime ‘Price Is Right’ host Bob Barker dies at 99. (It was incredible how many people around my age shared similar stories about watching Barker on days they were home sick from school.) A look back at a couple fun Letterman Top Tens with Barker.

+ Breath of Fresh Air: Whatever happened to the brothers who save birds whose wings are cut by kite strings? Catching up with the guys from the excellent documentary All that Breathes.

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