This Wasabi Tastes Weird… “The move has led to criticism, particularly from fishermen, that the decision to release the water was made without enough public debate and input from Japan’s northeast Tohoku region … China announced it is expanding an existing ban on seafood imports from Fukushima to include all of Japan.” Worries over seafood safety mount as Japan releases Fukushima water into the Pacific. From NPR: 5 things to know about Japan’s Fukushima water release in the Pacific.

+ Put a Roark In It: Subway has sold itself to a private equity group called, Roark Capital. Roark now owns Dunkin’, Baskin-Robbins, Sonic, Arby’s, Buffalo Wild Wings Jimmy John’s, Auntie Anne’s, Carvel, Cinnabon, Jamba, McAlister’s, Moe’s Southwest Grill and Schlotzsky’s. And indirectly, they basically created the market for Ozempic.

+ Kissing Ass: “FIFA opened a disciplinary case Thursday against the Spanish soccer official who kissed a player on the lips while celebrating the team’s victory in the Women’s World Cup final.” (You know things are rough when FIFA thinks you’re behaving badly.) Minutes before this kiss, “Rubiales grabbed his crotch as a victory gesture in the exclusive section of seats with Queen Letizia of Spain and 16-year-old Princess Sofía standing nearby.”

+ Whale Tale: “It may seem like a stretch, the kind that relegates environmentalists deep into woo-woo territory, but as our conversation unfolds, it starts making sense. Whale poop fertilizes ocean plankton. The plankton reproduces rapidly, absorbing carbon dioxide as it photosynthesizes sunlight. Eventually it sinks to the seafloor, trapping the planet-warming gas in layers of sediment. Fewer whales means less plankton sequestering CO, leaving more in the atmosphere. That means more of the heat driving the wildfires that have smoked out much of North America.” Time: One Man’s Quest to Heal the Oceans—And Maybe Save the World. (Funny, whale poop was not discussed during the GOP debate.)

+ Bears Market: Because I’m sad about the destruction of the Pac 12, I’m following the story pretty closely. The latest negotiations between Cal, Stanford, SMU, and the ACC will give you some idea of what college football has become. “The inclusion of all three schools is being heavily discussed, in part, because they would come with significant financial concessions from each of the schools, according to sources. The conversations within the ACC this week revolved around how that additional money would be distributed among conference members. A small group of ACC presidents met Wednesday morning to discuss different ways to divide that money.”

+ Say it Ain’t Sho: This is not news any baseball fan wants to hear. “Shohei Ohtani has a tear in the ulnar collateral ligament in his right elbow and will not pitch again this season.”