Reign Forest

You can’t accuse the Colombian government under President Gustavo Petro of not seeing the forest through the trees. In fact, thanks to their policies, destruction of the Colombian Amazon is way down. That’s good for Colombia and it’s good for the planet. But sometimes, when looking at a forest, it pays to zoom in and see the trees. In this case, those details tell quite the story, which brings us to the man who decides what happens to the rainforest in Colombia. “Ivan Mordisco is a Colombian warlord with a cocaine empire and a bounty on his head. He is also doing more to protect the Amazon rainforest than almost anyone else on Earth.” Matthew Bristow in Bloomberg (Gift Article): A Cocaine Warlord Is Saving the Amazon With His Campaign of Terror. He may want to “preserve the jungle canopy that provides cover for his troop movements, and curb the development of big cattle ranches that could eventually threaten his grip.” He also may decide to unleash the chainsaws again. Drug lords, politics, the future of the planet … it’s a jungle out there.

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