Bottom of the News

“The festival’s promoter, Billy McFarland — who pleaded guilty to fraud and was sentenced in October 2018 to six years in federal prison as a result of the original botched Fyre Festival — announced Sunday that the new festival’s sequence would be coming soon.” Fyre Festival 2 tickets are somehow on sale right now. (Documentary filmmakers are on high alert.)

+ “While animals can sometimes cause power outages, ‘fish are not on the list of frequent offenders,’ a company spokesperson said.” New Jersey community loses electricity after bird drops fish on to power lines.

+ “I need more friends. Or, specifically, I need more photos on social media where I’m posing with my friends. That’s what Lorie Stefanelli, a sorority recruitment consultant who trains girls on how to get into the toughest houses in the country, would recommend if I were an incoming freshman.” The consultants who get teens into elite sororities.

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