Feel Good Friday

“In a wellness economy that revolves around colorfully packaged supplements, boutique fitness classes and celebrity-endorsed diet pills, psyllium husks may seem an unglamorous throwback. Derived from a shrub native to South Asia, where they have been used for centuries as a digestive aid, the husks look like the bedding found in a hamster cage, taste like sawdust and turn gelatinous when mixed with water.” NYT (Gift Article): A Centuries-Old Fiber Supplement Entices the Ozempic Generation. (This may not be Feel Good Friday, but it’s likely to be Feel Good Saturday, or Sunday at the latest…)

+ A pair of 80-year-old pen pals who have been writing to each other since 1955 have finally fulfilled their “lifelong wish” to meet in person.

+ Coming to Kansas City: the first stadium built solely for pro women’s sports.

+ Dozens of sea lions are treated each year at the Marine Mammal Center in California.

+ All year we’ve been following along with the Busload of Books Tour. The family finally arrived back home. What an absolutely great, and well-deserved, moment for Robbi, Matthew and their kids.

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