Bottom of the News

“In the streaming era, as video consumption shifts from movie theaters toward content shrunk down for televisions, tablets and smartphones, making dialogue crisp and clear has become the entertainment world’s toughest technology challenge. About 50 percent of Americans — and the majority of young people — watch videos with subtitles on most of the time.” Can’t Hear the Dialogue in Your Streaming Show? You’re Not Alone.

+ “The book cover quoted a line from the Times saying the book was ‘a philosophy of the meaning of life.’ But it didn’t mention that the review described that philosophy as ‘bonkers.'” On Jordan Peterson’s book cover quotes.

+ During a camping trip when we were kids, my friend Mordy and I awoke to see two otters playfully frolicking on a river’s edge. It was a splendid moment, one for which we knew humanity would ultimately pay. And that time, it seems, has come. Two river otter attacks reported in Northern California. (Sadly, whatever river cred me and Mordy had is long gone.)

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