Counter Culture: “Contrary to MAGA mythology, [election workers] are not dishonest and power-hungry; if you’re dishonest and power-hungry, life affords you many more promising avenues. They are, rather, people with strong values and a commitment to honesty well beyond the understanding of the 18 sketchy characters under indictment along with Trump.” One of the big differences about the latest indictment is that it gets personal. The Two Heroes of the Georgia Indictment. “Trump and his mobsters tried to bully election workers Ruby Freeman and Wandrea Moss. They stood their ground.”

+ Ashes to Ashes: Eventually, the flames are extinguished, the media moves on, and the rebuilding starts. But it could still be weeks, months, and even years before one grim job is complete. Hawaii wildfires: The painstaking work to identify the dead. And videos put scrutiny on downed power lines as possible cause of deadly Maui wildfires.

+ Sliding Horrors: “Special counsel Jack Smith obtained an extraordinary array of data from Twitter about Donald Trump’s account — from direct messages to draft tweets to location data — newly unsealed court filings reveal.” (Heart of Darkness, Part 2: Tracking Kurtz Beyond the River as He Slides into Trump’s DMs. The horror, the horror.) Meanwhile, the defendant facing the strongest case is the one most likely to flip. So when Fani Willis gets a collect call from Four Seasons Total Landscaping, she’ll know exactly who it is. Giuliani struggling under massive legal bills after defending Trump.

+ Vin Numbers: “The loss-making company’s finances are still in the red with losses upwards of half a billion dollars, but it has several things going for it: a deep-pocketed backer in parent company Vingroup, spearheaded by Vietnam’s richest man Pham Nhat Vuong; a rapidly rising economy; and the growing opportunity to replace China as the world’s factory.” Still, should Vinfast be worth more than Ford and GM?

+ Sick and Frack: “In the reports, the researchers found what they called significant associations between gas industry activity and two ailments: asthma, and lymphoma in children, who are relatively rarely diagnosed with this type of cancer.” A Pennsylvania study suggests links between fracking and asthma, lymphoma in children.

+ Baby’s Throttle: “The website formerly known as Twitter seems to be interfering with links to The New York Times, Mastodon, Bluesky, Threads and Substack to make them load noticeably slower.” Musk is throttling traffic to sites he does like (which also makes a pretty handy list of websites you can trust.)