These Kids Don’t Play: “This result sets a groundbreaking precedent for climate litigation and demonstrates a new way in which green amendments can be invoked to elicit environmental change. It suggests that in other states with green amendments, state laws cannot forbid the consideration of greenhouse gas emissions and their climate impact during environmental review.” Here’s a good overview of how a Montana kids historic climate lawsuit win could set a powerful precedent.

+ Againistan: “Zahra, 20, doesn’t ride bikes anymore. Or go to school, or walk outside without covering her face, or see friends who have fled the country. All she can do, she says, is sit at home and worry about a future that has unraveled before her eyes.” Two years on from Taliban takeover, Afghan women are being ‘erased from everything.’

+ Ecuador Knock: “Ecuador was one of the calmest countries in Latin America until about three years ago. Today, criminals prowl relatively wealthy and working-class neighborhoods alike: professional hitmen, kidnappers, extortionists and thousands of thieves and robbers. Mexican and Colombian cartels have settled into coastal cities like Guayaquil and grabbed chunks of the trade shipping hundreds of millions of dollars of cocaine from neighboring Colombia and Peru to countries overseas.” The only thing that spreads faster than drugs is the violence associated with them.

+ B Best: “Cheerfully skipping past thousands, she hops onto a large, round platform in her typical uniform: a loose, black T-shirt semi-tucked into baggy black track pants, with her hair scooped into a snapback.” In other words, she’s dressed for the Olympics. Inside one B-girl’s quest for U.S. Olympic gold in break dancing.

+ Empire State of Mind: “Fans are rushing to collect all 13 of the Brooklyn Public Library’s limited-edition cards.” Wait, there’s a rush to collect … library cards? Here’s the deal. NYT (Gift Article): How Library Cards Became the Jay-Z Merch of the Moment. I got 99 problems, checking out a book ain’t one.