A Come to Jesus Moment

Are you there god, it’s me Margaret?

Yes, I’m here, and for a limited time only, there’s no subscription required.

“What would Jesus do?” is no longer merely a rhetorical or philosophical question. You can now get an answer. It didn’t take long for AI to reach its come to Jesus moment. There’s an app that let’s you chat with Jesus and other religious figures, which is a selling point so long as people still worship religious gods, not technological overlords. “There are few limits to what users can ask the app’s characters. Whether the topic is personal relationship advice or complex theological matters, they formulate elaborate responses, incorporating at least one Bible verse.” Chatting with Jesus is free for a limited time, but if you want a response from Mary Magdalene, it will require a premium subscription. Can getting Jesus to write work emails or do birthday greetings on Cameo be far off? WaPo (Gift Article): A new AI app lets users ‘text’ with Jesus. Some call it blasphemy. Jesus on social media. Talk about turning water into whine.

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