Pocket Rocket

“If you’re one of the (many, many) fans who find it irritating to now get much of your sports news filtered through the lens of what it means for bettors, the situation can only get worse as ESPN gets more centrally involved in gaming. Or maybe it’ll just turn you into a gambler against your better judgment, precisely as intended.” Sports Betting Won. I’m covering this story a lot because I think it will have a huge societal impact, especially among young men. We’re talking about a generation already addicted to their phones who are now carrying a casino in their pockets, while constantly being marketed to about the joys of laying a bet. From yesterday, The Mouse Always Wins.

+ “Penn Entertainment, a casino and online gambling operator, paid a total of about $550 million to acquire 100% control of (Dave Portnoy’s) Barstool — just a few months before deciding to cut Barstool loose” as part of the ESPN betting deal. So Dave Portnoy bought the company back … for one dollar.

+ Phil Mickelson wagered over $1 billion, tried to bet on Ryder Cup, book alleges.

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