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When Words Turn to Sticks and Stones: “The complaint includes numerous social media posts believed to have been made by Robertson threatening to kill Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris, as well as several officials involved in prosecuting former President Donald Trump.” Man killed during FBI raid in connection with threats against Biden, other officials.

+ Candidate Killed: “Fernando Villavicencio, who was a journalist before entering politics, waged a yearslong battle against the forces that he saw transforming Ecuador, including crime that had seeped into nearly every aspect of life, from street robbery to cocaine trafficking and corrupt government contracting.” Ecuadorian presidential candidate fatally shot at a political rally.

+ Good Grief: “Grief is non-linear. One day, three years after a death, grief can return and feel as extreme as it did in the immediate aftermath of the loss. The ultimate difference between child grief and adult grief, she said, is how children will re-grieve throughout their lives.” The Walrus: Notes from Grief Camp. “Every summer, more than a hundred kids spend a weekend at Camp Erin swimming and canoeing. They also learn to deal with death.”

+ Bag Order: “In 2017, Kenya passed a law banning single-use plastic bags — the kind that grocery stores and other vendors give you to hold your purchases. The law was inspired by the toll of plastic pollution … It was hailed as a ground-breaking law by other countries and even the United Nations.” But even the toughest laws seem to be no match for plastic. A tale of smugglers, dumps and dying goats.

+ Take a Load Off, Robbie: Robbie Robertson, Leader of The Band, Dies at 80. From being Bob Dylan’s band, to writing timeless hits, to working with Martin Scorcese, it was a life of music. Rolling Stone: Robbie Robertson: 20 Essential Songs.

+ Swatch Dogs: “Owners or sellers of rainbow-colored timepieces made by the Swiss watchmaker Swatch face three years in prison in Malaysia, the interior ministry has said, as the Muslim-majority country rails against LGBTQ symbols it says could ‘harm morals'” (Who do they think they are, Florida?)

+ Hip Hopping Through Time: “In the five decades since hip-hop emerged out of New York City, it spread around the country and the world. And at each step there’s been change and adaptation, as new, different voices came in and made it their own. It’s touched everything, from art and fashion to sports and social justice.” AP with an interactive series marking 50 Years of Hip Hop.

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