Must the Show Go On?

Most pundits and experts are wildly in favor of televising the Trump election trial. I’m less certain. For one thing, I’m not sure it’s a good idea for a nation that should be purging televised Trump news to binge even more of it. For another, I don’t buy the theory that suggests Americans will only believe the Trump verdict if they can see the trial. Americans saw the actual crime take place and half them still don’t believe it. Then there’s also the sad but true point made by one of the Watergate prosecutors in the NYT (Gift Article). Because of the nature of the defendant and his enablers, televising the case could be extremely dangerous for witnesses. Why Televising the Trump Trials Is a Bad Idea. “The arguments in favor of broadcasting the trials do not give enough weight to the dangers that could pose to trial witnesses and jurors, or the potential to undermine the integrity of the trial processes themselves.”

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